A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Exquisite Corps is game about shapeshifter who has been forced to fight in mad alien's gladiatorial arena. Use your enemies unique powers against them as you change your face, belly, and butt to fight the horde of fellow alien gladiators!


WASD to move

LMB to use your belly's attack

Space to use your butt's power

RMB to use your face's power

Escape to go back to start screen

Team #Spiderbutt:

Ted Carter (Lead Code-mancer)

Will Bucknum (Music and Audio Wizard)

Rebecca Larkin (Music and Audio Wizard)

Chuck Jacobi (Art Shaman)

Blaise MIllegan (Me!)(Code-mancer's apprentice)


LD35ExquisteCorps Windows Version 42 MB
ExquisiteCorps Mac Version 12 MB
Final version-Ted's Resurrection-Now With Sick Jamz!

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